Workshop | Envisioning social impact through dilemma-driven design

Door DesignLab | University of Twente

An introduction to dilemma-driven design, a design approach that can help understanding and shaping the social implications of developing new products, services, and systems.

Have you, as a citizen, ever wondered how disagreements and conflicts in opinion get handled in public decision-making? In this workshop, you will get familiar with dilemma-driven design and use this approach to understand and map the dilemmas that can arise among multiple stakeholders when addressing issues of societal relevance – such as citizen participation. You will first receive a mini-lecture on dilemma-driven design, and next, you will complete an interactive exercise on mapping the dilemmas that can arise in the context of citizen participation. You will also receive tools and tips on applying this newly acquired knowledge to other projects you may be working on.

This workshop is in English.